Elf Racing Fuels and Oils

Elf Racing Fuels and Oils

Elf produces high performance racing fuels and oils for bikes, boats and cars. Elf racing fuel is the official fuel of Formula 3.

Elf products have numerous applications and are excellent for the following sporting activities:
• Speedway
• Motocross
• Rally
• Road Racing
• Drag Racing
• Speed Boat
• Go Karts


Elf Racing Fuels:

• Compliant to CAMS, MA, AKA and the Australian Federal Government
• Complying with the strict specifications set by the F.I.A.
• Imported to Australia in 200litre and 50litre drums
• Have a long term “shelf” life
• Available via a dedicated agent in each state
• New Elf Perfo 105 = 113 RON, 98 MON and 16.3% Oxygen!


Black Hill Transport sells the following products*:


Moto GP


HTX 976
HTX 909
HTX 825

*Other products are available on request. Call or email us to find out more. We can deliver direct to you or you can pick up.

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